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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Time Start 4.18pm
Sy moody skrg..weekk..arghh!!last week,i went shopping with my momma,I spend more than Hundred Ringgit to buy my clothes and any others important thing larh..preparing for my study after this SPM**don't know where** Im Still waiting,if there's no collage or U wan't to take me,then I will continue again studying at my former school SMKPi for Form 6.So,while shopping,I saw a really cute and very adorable Trousers,yes..I did buy it for myself and not for anyone,it's so cute and perfect and really match with me..But then today,Like usually,My brother go to school and they have PJ lessons,and like usually,he will wear my trousers..(Aiyorrhh..form 2 but so tall)
So,when he back from school,I did not notice anything about what he wearing,then,i go to bathroom..wanna take shower,then I saw my very PRETTY and adorable trousers on the washing machine with my brother's PJ T-shirt..oh no!!I yell calling his name,I ask him did he wear my new trouser that I never wear.
YES!!what??aiyarhh..you so tall and big but you wear my trouser??it's not adorable anymore,and I'm not the one who wear it for the first time.

I'm not mad,but i get upset when someone wear,borrow and take 
my stuff without my permission and knowing

So i text my momma and tell her that,she try to cheer me up but what I did Is Cry..I love that trousers so much,and i spend my money to buy that trousers..:(Momma said "it's okay,we'll buy another,we'll go shopping again" but is there other perfect trousers like the ONE I BOUGHT before??Hope so..My dear Brother it's okay,i admit that I mad at you a little but since you are my only brother then It's okay but i hope that you will ask my permission in other time if you want to use my stuff especially things that i never ever used before and I just bought it..


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